Sakurai Haruko

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Basic Info:

NameSakurai Haruko
Name meaningSakurai=Cherry tree well
Haruko=Son of the spring
Other names桜井はるこ(hiragana)
AgeForever 19
Design byYuji Ono
Release date04 November 2011

Technical Info:

VoicerYuji Ono
Best rangeC3~C4
Number of phonemes170
Recording MethodCV

Sakurai Haruko - Haru Haru ★ Burning Night

Sakurai Haruko - Dançando

Personality and Story:

Helping people
Pie :)
Writing songs
Kawaii things
DislikesBad people
Hot days

     Haruko is a guy from Japan who likes to sing, paint and help people. Proffecionally, he is a famous painter in Japan.
     He and his sister Haruna were born in 19 July, but nobody knows the year they were born, because in their birthday, their mother was very sick, and the only way to make her better was a spell from the wizard of the city. That spell would permit the babies grow up to 19 years old. And then, they'd live forever with a youthful appearance.
     Once he lives forever, he had a long time to become known for his paintings and illustrations. He became so well known, he was invited to participate in an arts exhibition in Brazil.
     In Brazil, he found a karaoke house. Immediatelly, he entered the house and chose a song to sing, but that song was a duet, so a guy called Mainichi no Uta offered to sing with him. That song was "Magnet".

     Since that moment singing with Mainichi, Haruko fell madly in love with Mainichi. But he was too shy to tell him.
     After the ending of the exhibition, Haruko needed to get back to Japan. Even Mainichi'd ever known about this secret passion, Haruko keep loving him and dream of the day he'll find the love of his life again.


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PS: This is the way I see Haruko. You can interpret his personality any way you want.