segunda-feira, junho 25, 2012

Sakurai Haruko Brazil EXTEND - Full DEMO

Full DEMO of Haruko's new voice bank.

Sakurai Haruko Brazil EXTEND - Dançando

Enjoy, like it and subscribe to my YouTube channel. :)

sábado, junho 16, 2012

Sakurai Haruko Brazil EXTEND - Dançando(Demo WIP)

Here's a WIP of the cover of "Dançando". Originally sung by Pitty in the Project Agridoce.

So here it is.

Press play and be happy! :)

Eu sei que lá no fundo
Há tanta beleza no mundo
Eu só queria enxergar

As tardes de Domingo
O dia me Sorrindo
Eu só queria enxergar

Qualquer coisa pra domar
O peito em fogo
Algo pra justificar
Uma vida morna

I kwow deep down
There's so much beauty in the world
I just wanted to see

The sunday afternoons
The day smiling at me
I just wanted to see

Anything to tame
the chest on fire
Something to justify
A warm life

So... That's it.
Hope you like it!