quarta-feira, novembro 14, 2012

Sakurai Haruko Papercraft

Hey guys!
Here is the brand new Haruko papercraft:

You can find the template here.
It's very easy to make it and it's so cute! >w<

Yuji ;)

sexta-feira, outubro 12, 2012

Sakurai Twins Box art

Some days ago I was bored and I decided to make a Box art for them. 
Here's the result:

to see it full size, click here: DeviantART

sábado, outubro 06, 2012

Delay on PT-BR Voicebank

You may have noticed that the PT-BR voicebanks are taking longer than the expected. Well, sorry. This semester I've been very busy! I have time for nothing!
And I'll have to rerecord some of the samples for Haruko's VB, because it have some noises that I can't remove. I wish I can finish it this year...


quinta-feira, julho 26, 2012

¡Haruko en Español!

¡Hola Amigos! I did a new cover with Haruko's Portuguese voicebank, but now in Spanish.

World of Light - Sakurai Haruko & Mainichi no Uta

Original song by ColorfulHorizons-P feat. Clara & Megurine Luka.
VSQx by ColorfulHorizons
VSQ convert by N3NeS2
UST edit by me
Mixing by me and Laudieverton
Illustration by me

Hope you enjoy! :)

quinta-feira, julho 19, 2012

Sakurai Haruna Brazil EXTEND - Full DEMO

Full demo of Haruna's new Voicebank
Sakurai Haruna Brazil EXTEND - Eu=Fantasia

Hope you like it! :)

The voicebanks are releasing in August.

segunda-feira, junho 25, 2012

Sakurai Haruko Brazil EXTEND - Full DEMO

Full DEMO of Haruko's new voice bank.

Sakurai Haruko Brazil EXTEND - Dançando

Enjoy, like it and subscribe to my YouTube channel. :)

sábado, junho 16, 2012

Sakurai Haruko Brazil EXTEND - Dançando(Demo WIP)

Here's a WIP of the cover of "Dançando". Originally sung by Pitty in the Project Agridoce.

So here it is.

Press play and be happy! :)

Eu sei que lá no fundo
Há tanta beleza no mundo
Eu só queria enxergar

As tardes de Domingo
O dia me Sorrindo
Eu só queria enxergar

Qualquer coisa pra domar
O peito em fogo
Algo pra justificar
Uma vida morna

I kwow deep down
There's so much beauty in the world
I just wanted to see

The sunday afternoons
The day smiling at me
I just wanted to see

Anything to tame
the chest on fire
Something to justify
A warm life

So... That's it.
Hope you like it!


sexta-feira, abril 20, 2012

Sakurai Twins Brazil Extend

Haruko LipSync model

Mainichi made a model of Haruko for LipSync.
LipSync is a software that make a character move his mouth according to the music that is playing and make it look like his is actually singing it.

Sakurai Twins Reference Table

So, for the people who want to make fanarts, here's the reference tables:



Click in the images to enlange them.

If you use this and make a fanart, send me the link in the contact page.

sexta-feira, fevereiro 10, 2012

Final of Haruko's story

I finish the story. There's just two lines more, but it's finished. :)
Go check it out.


quinta-feira, fevereiro 09, 2012

First part of Haruko's life story.

Last night I wrote the first part of Haruko's story.
You can read clicking in the link below.
Enjoy ;)


quarta-feira, janeiro 18, 2012

Haruna has new covers!


PONPONPON full ver.

Covers by Mainichi:

Toosenbo - Haruna & Yoru

Freely Tomorrow